Ivan Gogov

The artist Ivan Gogov

I was born in Bulgaria on 31st January, 1969 in the town of Kardjali (South-East Rodopi mountains). Since early age, I have been dreaming to become an artist. During my childhood I joined art classes and self-prepared to participate in various competetions for Children pictures, company logo, and common exhibitions. In my spare time during my years at university, I attended courses in mode and textil design in ''Kalagia-A''. I graduated from Technical University, Sofia, BA in Textil Design at the ''Ergonomy and design'' department. To develop my art skills is a true desire coming from my heart. Painting and creating new forms with different techniques and materials makes sense for my life. My works are the result of the pursuit of beauty and harmony inside my soul. My hands transform this world of thought and experience to the paper, where they leave my mind in the form of picture or sculpture. This is my way to send a message for you. I hope that I will touch a string in your soul that makes warm and gentle sound. Since 2008 up to present moment, I live and work at Bludenz, Austria. The following people have played a key role for my development as an artist: Ms. Maria Nojarova, who gave me the first ball of clay in my hands, Mr. Grigor Karakashev, Mr. Venelin Antonov, Mr. Danail Nikolov, Ms Gerlinde Frick, Ms. Helene Pecoraro, Ms. Monika Hehle, Ms. Aleksandra Steininger, Ms. and Mr. Elisabeth and Christian Ladner. Thanks to the latter ones I am able to work in my own atelie. I dedicate this website to all of them and to my family, aunt Vili, who have always supported and believed in me and my gift. Thank you!


Exhibition “Vibrations”

Tschagguns, Austria

11 December 2010

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Exhibition “Balance”

Brand, Austria

15 August 2010

Exhibition “On the way of the mind”

Dorbirn, Austria

02 January 2010

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Exhibition “Fifth element”

Brand, Austria

15 August 2009

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